2023 Comprehensive Guide on Canada Pension Plan Enhancement: Episode 5 of CRA’s Payroll Podcast

by | May 17, 2023

Do you aware of the 2019 upgrades to the Canada Pension Plan? This is likely to get even more significant as it keeps growing. The Canada Pension Plan Enhancement aims to safeguard Canadians’ financial future. The CPP improvement influences Canadian employers, employees, and independent contractors.

As you know, the Canada Pension Plan offers retirement income support. The improvement strategy strengthens income support, securing Canadians’ financial status. Besides, the enhancements provide higher benefits funded by higher contributions.

Thus, we have emphasized the crucial components of the CPP upgrade. Also, You will get to know how this plan is affecting the citizens of Canada in this blog by Yogi & Associates. Let’s start now!

1. The Background of the Canada Pension Plan:

The Canada Pension Plan was established in 1965 to offer financial help to those who have retired, disabled, or passed away. Contributions from businesses, workers, and independent contractors support this program. It aims to offer a certain degree of monetary security throughout retirement.

2. The Canada Pension Plan Enhancement:

The Canadian government implemented the CPP improvements. The CPP improvement is anticipated by 2025 with full implementation. It was enacted into law in 2016.

This plan aims to raise contribution rates as a benefit for Canadian employees. The extension of the wages is used to compute CPP contributions to ensure the long-term viability of the CPP payments for Canadians.

3. Five Reasons to Introduce Canada Pension Plan (Enhancement):

The following are the reasons why the CPP enhancement was planned:

Evolving Population:

The expanding population is the justification for changing the Canada Pension Plan. Both the growth and the population are aging. We need greater financial security for that. The need for a dependable and adequate retirement income grows as people live longer. It was agreed to improve the CPP plan as a result.

Decrease in Employment Pensions:

Many Canadians are in financial trouble because of the reduction in their pensions. So, one of the reasons the CPP is being improved is to provide money to fill the gaps created by lower pensions.

Concerns for Insufficient Retirement Savings:

Many Canadians need more funds for savings. The Canada Pension Plan Enhancement aims to increase the replacement rate to ease these worries. The CPP enhancement seeks to raise the replacement rate from 25% to 33.33%.

Economic and Financial Considerations:

The Canada Pension Plan Enhancement is to increase the pensions and contribution rates. This will fulfill the retired future requirements without putting the burden on taxpayers. This plan ensures the CPP’s steady growth and longevity.

Reliability and Collaboration between Provinces:

The purpose of CPP enhancement is to fund all Canadian provinces and territories. This can ensure all Canadians have a standard income system by adopting reforms to the CPP.

4. Benefits of Enhanced Canada Pension Plan:

Some of the benefits of Canada Pension Plan Enhancement are:

1. The new goal payout rate for income replacement is 25% to 33% of qualified earnings. In other words, the CPP retirement benefit can replace up to 33% of wages up to the YMPE. Under the new program, this corresponds to a greatest yearly pension of $17,500.
2. In 2025, the most significant income insured by the CPP will rise from $55,900 to approximately $82,700. As a result, higher-income workers will get CPP benefits on the amount of their income. Benefits from the CPP will peak at around $19,900 per year for a worker making $82,700 per year.


Employers and employees must contribute to CPP enhancement on time set by the CRA. Employers must know the new contribution rates and set the payroll procedure.

5. How is the Canada Pension Plan Enhancement Funding?

The Canada Pension Plan Enhancement is funded through following ways:

Employers and Employees:

For the CPP boost, both employers and employees will contribute more. This year, the contribution rate will rise to 5.95%. This increase will impact the earnings between the Yearly Maximum Pensionable Earnings (YMPE) and the Year’s Additional Maximum Pensionable Earnings (YAMPE).

Phased-In Approach:

The contribution rates will rise, and businesses will have time to adapt to higher rates. With less financial stress, this phased-in approach will benefit both firms and employees.

Equal Liability:

The idea of CPP improvement is to share accountability. The employers and the employees will take part in paying for the improvement. Less work requires of businesses as a result.

Self-Employed Contributions:

The self-employed contributions will also increase in CPP enhancement. Employer and employee will be liable for both halves of the donations.

6. Effect of CPP Enhancement the Calculation and Remittance of CPP Contribution:

The CPP enhancement will affect the remittance of contributions to employees and employers. Here is the following factor of how it will affect the process:

The Contribution Rate:

The contribution rate for employees and employers will increase from 4.95% to 5.95% this year. Employers and employees will calculate their contributions according to the new rate.

The Yearly Maximum Pensionable Earnings:

The Yearly Maximum Pensionable Earnings (YMPE) will rise from a new, higher cap. Employers and employees will ensure the contributions depend on the relevant earning requirements.

Increased Amounts:

The employers will pay higher amounts to CPP enhancement on behalf of the employees. The employees also pay the sum to CPP enhancement which deducts from their salary.

Rules of CPP Contributions:

Employers are responsible for adhering to rules and reporting specifications on CPP contributions. This entails disclosing and paying CPP contributions to the CRA according to the necessary schedules, keeping accurate records, and providing supporting information when audited or reviewed.

The Bottom Line:

The CPP attempts to handle the changing demands of an aging population. It also secures enough income by raising contributions, expanding the YMPE, and improving retirement benefits.

After reading this blog article by Yogi & Associates, you will comprehend why the CRA approves the Canada Pension Plan Enhancement and how it affects people.


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