Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program: A Program that Can Benefit You!

by | Apr 29, 2023

Due to COVID-19, many people struggle to find better jobs. This has hit hard on almost everyone around the world. But you don’t have to worry, as Canada has made it easier for some countries by offering them a variety of jobs.

One of the programs Canada is offering is The Temporary Foreign Worker Program. This program allows foreigners to come to Canada and get a job offer for a specific period. But you can also apply for residency if you want to.

Yogi & Associates knows how critical it is for immigrants to establish new lives. We are here to give you all the information you must have about the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Continue reading to learn about the TFWP and how it might help you.

1. What is The Temporary Foreign Worker Program?

The TFWP is an initiative by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). They are in charge of granting work visas to residents of Canada and other countries.

It functions as a temporary visa for foreigners who wish to work in Canada for a set amount of time. They are permitted to work in Canada for a set amount of time as determined by their employer.


The validity of this visa is only for six months, but depending on the circumstances, it may be extended.

2. How Does this Work?

You may only work with one employer or one company during this program. As well, there are restrictions on where you can live in Canada. If your visa is set to expire, you must either renew it or return to your country of origin. This program was exclusively available to farmers and live-in carers. Yet, with time, it expanded and today provides both high- and low-skilled professions.


The TFWP is not for permanent jobs or to get residency. It is for a limited period. But if you want a permanent house, you can use it through immigration programs.

3. Requirements to Qualify for The Temporary Foreign Worker Program:

The following are the requirements to get the TWFP:

1. You must have a job to live in Canada.
2. You should not have any criminal history.
3. You must return to your home country when your visa expires.
4. You must have enough finance to return to your home country.
5. You must have enough funds to live in Canada.
6. You must have a spotless medical record.
7. You are no harm to the social security of Canada.

4. Documents needed to Apply for The Temporary Foreign Worker Program:

These are the documents needed for TWFP:

1. A passport valid for at least six months when you apply.
2. Passport photocopies.
3. Two of your pictures.
4. An honest job offer.
5. Certificate of no criminal history.
6. A resume.
7. A copy of your marriage license.
8. The birth certificate of your child.
9. Extra documents needed by the Canadian consulate.

5. How to apply for The Temporary Foreign Worker Program?

The following are the steps to complete the process of TWFP:

Find a Job in Canada:

First, you have to find a job in Canada. To get this program, you must have a job. Then, you can apply online through the Canadian government’s job bank. So, you must have a legitimate job offer letter from the company.

Get a LMIA:

Your employer must have an LMIA given by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to offer you a job. You can only get the job if your employer is accepted to get the LMIA. The employer has to apply again, or you have to find another job.


LMIA is an abbreviation for labor market impact analysis. It is a procedure by which the Canadian government assesses the hiring offer made to a foreign worker by a Canadian business to ensure that it won’t harm the Canadian labor market.

Apply for a Work Visa:

You can only apply for a work visa after you get the LMIA. Then, you must submit your application to the Canadian Consulate at the Consulate office in your home country or online through their official website.

Clean Medical Record:

You must have a clean medical record. You have to go through a medical exam and pass the tests. You must take the medical exam to apply for schooling, health-related occupations, farming, etc.

Attend the Interviews:

If your work permit expires, the representatives of the Canadian Consulate may speak with you to ensure that you will return home and that your application was truthful. So, always show up for the interviews and be on time.

The Process:

After you have applied, you have to wait for the process. It takes 3 to 27 weeks to get the results of your process. After that, the consulate of Canada will either accept or reject your application. They will offer you more information if they approve your application and why they leave it. When you apply again, you may make your application stronger.

Traveling to Canada:

This is the last step. When you land in Canada, the port of entry will ask questions about your arrival and may need your documents. You must show your documents and answer all the questions. The reason is they have the authority to keep you from going further.

The Bottom Line:

The TWFP gives the opportunity to come and live in Canada and work. You can also apply for residency via immigration schemes. This way, you can start over in Canada and po impact society and the economy. You must follow the criteria, so follow the instructions Yogi & Associates have written. It will help you to pass the process without any hassle.


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