What is Minimum Wage in Canada For 2022? An Easy Guide

by | Jun 3, 2022

In 2022, each province and territory will have a different minimum wage in Canada. So, job searchers should know where their abilities will be valued. It is because increases are expected to come into influence throughout the year.

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“When the value of the job and the pay are equal to each other, a day’s salary for a day’s work is more than sufficient.” -Cullen Hightower.

1. What is Minimum Wage In Canada?

The minimum wage in Canada is the lowest hourly amount an employer can legally pay an employee. Almost all workers, whether they work full or part-time, are eligible for the minimum wage.

2. Provincial and Territorial Rates of Minimum Wage in Canada

The minimum wage varies by province and region. Here are the current minimum hourly rates for general labor in each province and territory in Canada:

Province & Territory Minimum Hourly Wage
Alberta $15.00
British Columbia $15.65
Saskatchewan $13.00
Manitoba $13.50
Ontario $15.50
Quebec $14.25
New Brunswick $13.75
Nova Scotia $13.75
Prince Edward Island $13.70
Newfoundland and Labrador $13.20
Yukon $15.70
Northwest Territories $15.20
Nunavut $16.00
Federal $15.55

3. How Does Provision Of Room And Board Affect Minimum Wage in Canada?

If an employer has paid the minimum wage to the employee, the Employer can also consider the employee’s room and board. The sums that an employer is supposed to pay the employee as room and board are as follows:

Room (weekly)

  • Private= $31.70
  • Non-Private= $15.85
  • Non-Private (domestic workers only)= $0.00


  • Each meal= $2.55
  • Weekly maximum= $53.55

Point To Ponder!

On January 1, 2022, the rates of minimum wage in Canada were raised. Also, the former special minimum wage rate for some “liquor servers” was removed.

Rooms and meals (weekly)

  • With private room= $85.25
  • With non-private= $69.40
  • Non-Private (domestic workers only)= $53.55

Harvest workers (only) weekly housing

  • Serviced housing= $99.35
  • Unserved housing= $73.30

4. What are Minimum Wage Rates Of Different Jobs In Ontario?

The minimum wage varies depending on the employment. In Ontario, these are:

  • General minimum wage= [$15.50 per hour]
  • Students (under 18 who work no more than 28 hours per week)= [$14.60 per hour]
  • Liquor server: for example, a bartender, a waiter= [12.55 dollars per hour]
  • Homeworkers: someone who works at home for an employer= [$17.05 per hour]
  • Hunting and fishing guide: who works less than five hours in a row daily= [$77.60 per hour]
  • Hunting and fishing guide: who works five or more hours a day= [$155.25]

Additional Information!

Depending on the region, different types of work can have a particular minimum wage. For instance, raspberries and strawberry pickers are exempt from the minimum wage requirements in Quebec. There is a separate minimum wage for live-in domestic workers in Alberta and live-in camp leaders in British Columbia.

5. How To Manage Your Payroll Business?

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The Bottom Line!

In Canada, each province and territory has a different minimum wage rate. The minimum pay rates could rise annually. Thus, a safe and affordable alternative is outsourcing your payroll needs to a reputable payroll service provider if you can’t manage your payroll business.

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People Also Ask

1. What’s the Highest Minimum Wage in Canada?

In Canada, the rates are very different in different states. The minimum wage in Saskatchewan is $13 per hour, whereas the minimum wage in Nunavut is $16 per hour.

2. What Country Has the Highest Minimum Wage?

Right now, Australia has the highest national minimum wage which is £11.91 per hour (equivalent to $21.38).


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