Book Keeping & Payroll

Our experts help business owners to work smarter and move forward with confidence

Why is Bookkeeping important?

  1. It gives reliable information

    Proper bookkeeping helps you make key operating, investing, and financing decisions

  2. Better Relations with Banks and Investors

    With an accurate financial report, you can easily gain credibility with investors! It also crucial in getting loans. Banks will be more willing to provide you with more affordable loans once they can see how your company is thriving.

  3. Improved Cash Flow

    Consistent and accurate recording of transactions helps you to keep track of when your customers and vendors invoices are paid. Having the transaction details such as invoices, due dates and amount dues on hand will save you from late fees and finance charges

Importance of Payroll

  1. Employee Motivation

    Employees rely on their pay checks, errors or untimely payment can create a lack of trust. But when pay checks are accurate and delivered in a timely manner, employees are more engaged and motivated

  2. Have a positive company culture

    Company culture is essential to running a modern business and having a good payroll ease the threats of having a bad reputation and will increase your employee’s engagement

Why choose Y&A?

  1. We ensure work-life balance

    Stay healthy and not burn out by putting all the workload on your bucket! Focus on your business operation needs while we handle your books

  2. Save Money!

    You may think you save money by doing everything yourself, but the truth is getting a professional bookkeeper actually saves you more by eliminating the risk for human error, lack of knowledge, missed payments and tax obligation due dates and delayed accounts receivable.

  3. Get a credible financial reports!

    We will provide you accurate and reliable financials reports showing how your business is doing, where the funds are going and how your efforts are paying off.

  4. We will lead you to a user friendly technology

    We ensure good data integrity as well as visibility and audit-tracking of payroll processing.

  5. We will help you build a great company culture!

    We make sure your employees are paid correctly and timely!

Your Success in Business is Our Priority

Are you having troubles with your record keeping? Does reconciling your accounts taking more time and too much energy? Safeguard your business transactions with Y&A. Our bookkeeping is known to have integrity when it comes to creating financial documentation, posting information to accounting software or journals from any source documents and we ensure accuracy by helping you reconcile your account in a fast, protected and easy manner.

Employees are the strongest foundation of all companies, make sure you are taking good care of them by ensuring they get the right amount of salaries and wages, bonuses, and withheld taxes. Y&A offers an advanced solution for your payroll needs. We have structured different payroll models that will best suit your company’s employee setting.