Corporate Tax

Our experts help business owners to work smarter and move forward with confidence
  1. Personal Income Tax

    As a resident of Canada, Reporting of all your income sources is a must! Tax computation varies on your province or territory.

  2. Corporate Tax

    Weather you have a foreign or Canadian business here in Canada, you must submit to Canadian Tax rules. Determine your Tax obligations and avoid hefty penalties.

Why choose Y&A?

  1. We are Tax experts!

    Tax returns may seem pretty straightforward, but they aren’t. There are many ways you can reduce your tax bill, and our expertise is your advantage!

  2. We are systematic and technology friendly!

    We provide software management to make sure tax deductions for your product or service are added accurately.

  3. We make taxation process easy!

    We know the in and out of the taxation systems and can save you from penalties and fines. And in case you are facing trouble with your tax obligations we can provide professional advice to negotiate deals with the CRA.

Changing the way you look at numbers

The business industry has a lot of complex regulatory compliances, changes in the government’s tax legislation may impact your business. Y&A Associates will save you the headache of preparing and filing your taxes. We are equipped with the best strategic method on how to be tax compliant while maximizing the growth potential of your business financials.