The Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy Program: An Essential 2023 Guide!

by | Jun 27, 2023

As is well known, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected Canada’s economy. But with the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy program, the issue has been resolved so far. The Canadian government has taken this initiative to fix the problem. The primary goal is to assist all businesses and lessen the financial pressures.

You may get all the information you need here if you want to know about this program. Yogi & Associates makes it a point to give you the knowledge and information that will help you. Our blog provides a general overview of CEWS and its importance. We put light on how it has assisted Canadian businesses in surviving these trying times.

1. Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy: The Concept

The Canadian government launched the CEWS program for 12 weeks, from March 15th- June 6th, 2020. Later the program was extended by the government and ended on October 23rd, 2021. The CEWS program assists businesses in the COVID-19 pandemic by rehiring former employees. To qualify for this program, you must complete the eligibility requirements. The CEWS program offers up to 75% subsidy to eligible employers on the employee’s income. Companies may sustain their workforces and avoid making significant layoffs thanks to CEWS.

2. Objectives of the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy Program:


The primary aim of the CEWS program is to subsidize part of the employee’s salary to the employers. It will have a significant impact on Canada’s economy. In economic instability, businesses can maintain operations and keep staff by subsidizing wages.

Financial Support:

The CEWS program provides funds to businesses to help them. This will relieve some financial burden on the companies. This way, they can focus on growing their business.

Business Continuity:

The wage subsidy program is crucial for assisting firms in remaining operational. Businesses can concentrate on modernizing processes and making technology investments. They also seek help paying their employees’ salaries to continue operating despite the challenge of the epidemic.

3.  What are the Eligible Criteria for the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy Program?

There is a certain criteria to get the CEWS program. This includes:

1. Taxable businesses.
2. An individual other than a trust.
3. Public organizations include agricultural organizations, school boards, colleges, and hospitals.
4. Registered charities (other than public institutions) whose members are all qualified employers.
5. Partnerships.
6. Businesses must have proof that they have experienced a significant decline in revenue. In March 2020, the criteria for the CEWS program was a 15% decline in revenue and 30% for the following months. These limits have been updated and changed with time.

4. Five steps to Apply for the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy Program:

1. Gather all the information you need. This includes details about your staff and your company’s finances.
2. Confirm once more that your company meets the requirements to apply for this program. This means to see if your company’s revenue has decreased by at least 15%.
3. Visit the CRA website and log in to the Represent a Client or My Business account. Select the claim period there because each has a different deadline.
4. Complete the application with the necessary details. This comprises the calculations for revenue drop, your business number, payroll account number, and suitable payment levels.
5. Go over your application to check for errors. Please submit it to the CRA after that.

The Bottom Line:

For companies with the severe economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the CEWS program became a vital lifeline. The CEWS program has been significant in protecting countless jobs. This program ensures the ongoing operations of enterprises across many industries. They also provided financial help and enabled firms to rehire their personnel.

We hope that you have a thorough understanding of the CEWS program given by Yogi & Associates. Our professionals ensure you receive the information which is helpful to your company.


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