What is a TD1 Form in Canada? A 2022 Authentic Guide

by | Jun 3, 2022

If you are a small business owner who processes payroll in Canada, you’ll need to complete the TD1 forms. It helps to determine how much tax you should deduct from any payments to send back to the CRA

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Thus, if you own a small business in Mississauga, you must understand how the TD1 forms work. The experts at Yogi & Associates have written this simple guide. So that you may learn everything about this form, let’s read the article right away!

1. What Is a TD1 Form?

TD1 Form: Personal Tax Credits Return is used to calculate the tax deducted from an individual’s employment or other income. Such as pension income. New Employees fill out TD1. And give them to their employer.

2. Types of TD1 Forms:

There are two types of TD1. Federal and provincial/territorial TD1 forms. The employer has to keep a record of these forms.

“The total claim amount entered on these forms is used to calculate the income tax withheld from your employees’ gross pay amounts each pay period.”

3. Who Should Complete TD1 Forms?

People who:

  • Have a new employer or payer.
  • Want to change previously claimed amounts.
  • Starting to get pension payments.
  • Need to claim the deduction for residing in a designated zone.
  • Interested in raising the amount of tax withheld at source.


If employees’ tax credit amounts remain the same, they don’t need to complete a new TD1 yearly. And if employees change tax credits, they must fill out a new TD1. And submit it to their company within seven days.

4. How To Fill Out TD1 Forms In Canada?

Every new employee must complete two TD1 forms before beginning their new position. In addition, if new employees want to claim more than the minimal personal amount, they must fill out the federal and provincial TD1 forms.

Documents You Need to Fill TD1 Forms:

Important Instructions:

1. Employees must follow the instructions on the federal and provincial forms on each line.
2. Then calculate the sum of each quantity on the lines.
3. Enter the calculated amount, on page 1 of the TD1, in the “Total Claim Amount” field.
4. Employees must sum lines 1 through 12 on the federal TD1 and enter the total in line 13.
5. The number of lines on the provincial/territorial TD1 forms differs based on whether you are in a province or territory.


Worksheets that help employees determine their claim amounts are available online from both the federal and provincial/territorial governments.

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5. What is the Basic Personal Amount For TD1?

Every Canadian citizen may enter a baseline personal sum of $14,398. If your total net income for the year is larger than $155,625 and you report $14,398 as income, you can owe money at the end of the tax year on your income tax and benefit return.

6. What Happens If You Don’t Fill Out a TD1?

Employees who fail to complete new forms may be fined $25 per day the form is overdue. $100 is the minimum fine, and it rises by $25 every day up to a maximum of $2,500

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