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Our humble beginning started in a small apartment in Mississauga back in 1994, we founded the company with a vision that SMEs need personalized services like those offered to big corporations without them breaking the bank. With the best of our ability, hard work and dedication and out of the box ideas we manage to deliver quality service and great results even with limited resources. Initially, we only offer personal tax preparation and as we grow and gained tenure ship in the industry we now have a wide range of services such as: business incorporation, Accounting, Bookkeeping and Payroll and Corporate taxes.

Our Vision

We envision to help small and medium businesses grow and reach success. Y&A works to improve and innovate the way of planning, preparing and starting our client’s business story. We want to contribute to the evolution of the business industry and be a role model of integrity, professionalism, quality, affordability and great customer service. We aim to help entrepreneurs to prosper and be on top of the line.

our niche

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We want to change the accounting narrative. We do so by building a collaborative environment with clients. This allows us to customize and personalize our products and services to suit each and every one who asks for our help.

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We want to be the benchmark of accounting services. Providing a story instead of a service, is one strategy we apply to achieve it. What is the difference between a service provider and a story provider?

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Well, a service provider tries to solve all your problems, while keeping you out of the loop. The most important thing for them is to solve the problem. As a result, for many service providers, the end justifies the means.

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A story provider, however, ensures you’re included in the decision-making process all the way. We, for example, believe that your opinion matters. We also believe every decision you make should be based of well-researched and correct information.

"We have expanded our pharmacy business from one to three in the last five years. Working with the team at Y&A has allowed us to scale our business and become responsive to the changing environment." Danman Health Care Inc
"Operating a Gas Station is a full time job. Handing out books over to Y&A allowed us to focus on our job, while we had someone to provide us constructive advice." Midland Gas Station
"Thanks to the team at Yogi & Associates. They have made our lives much easier by handling our Book-Keeping & Payroll Services." Tango Logistics Inc-
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We want to make this world better

As a practical accounting service, we are fully aware of what the future, particularly, internet connectivity holds for the accounting industry. Many firms will advise you to keep away from the innumerable resources found all over the web. We, however, will encourage you to grow. Accounting literacy is a crucial step in achieving financial literacy. When you know how your money works, you’re in a better situation to let it work for you.

At Yogi & Associates, we challenge ourselves to grow every client’s financial knowledge. We do so by opening you to the accounting world through the aid of various methods such as networking, customized courses, effective resources, and always availing our ever-present help.

Our Resolve

In a nutshell, we are taking off our accounting glasses. This means we are showing you the human side of accounting, and inviting you to grow with us. We respect our client’s decisions, and fully understand our role; to simply guide you on the right path and help you along the way.

Join us, let us learn together. Let us grow together.