Business Incorporation

Our experts help business owners to work smarter and move forward with confidence

Why Incorporate?

  1. Asset Protection

    Corporations are legally considered separate entities and as such any income or debt incurs belongs to it, not the owners. In the event that the business defaults on a loan the owners are not personally responsible.

  2. Raising Capital

    Corporations have the ability to raise money more easily than individuals, which makes it easier for your business to reinvest in growth and expansion. Corporations can sell off shares and raise equity capital, whereas sole proprietors cannot.

  3. Tax Consideration

    Corporate Tax rates are generally lower than income tax rates.

  4. Credibility

    Often times Suppliers, customers and business investors perceive corporations as being more stable than sole proprietorship. Incorporated business conveys permanence, credibility, and stability, and communicates your commitment to the ongoing success of your business venture.

  5. Perpetual Existence

    A Corporation has a life of its own, it can continue indefinitely, its existence is not affected by death, withdrawal, or incapacity of its shareholders, officer or directors

Why choose Y&A?

  1. Innovative

    We provide a systematic and comprehensive help for business owners to meet their challenges and respond to opportunities. We Develop strategies that not only respond to current issues that businesses face but also anticipate growth opportunities.

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    Our experts help business owners to work smarter and move forward with confidence. We focus in Growing your business with Passion.

  3. Excellence

    We Change the way you look at numbers. Our innovative business solutions targets success

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Spend more time with your business while we take care of the incorporation process

Starting up is one of the most exciting stages in almost every situation. But oftentimes it is also one of the most challenging parts. Building your dreams is always worth every risk and effort. A lot of questions may stop you from creating your own business but never let your fear get on your way.

Y&A is here to help you form your business and shape it to its success. We are here to help you understand and guide you in every step of the way, from the basic requirement to legal actions of the incorporation process. Whether you are starting a brand new business or converting your business entity to another corporation.

Y&A's methodology is tremendously simple and clear and straightforward. We break down the process into simplified categories such as: Y&A provides service beyond expectations and success behind numbers. Your success is our business!

Integrity is who are, Accuracy is what we do and Success is what you can expect.